My name is Melody.

I’m in my mid 20s, living by myself for the first time and trying to figure out who I am in relation to my past, present, and future. I’m learning that life is non-linear and am attempting to enjoy the journey without losing my footing entirely. I have recently labeled myself a feminist and am exploring what that means for me, my relationships and my faith.

I write to unravel the truths that I think are buried in what we consume and what we experience. I am learning that my natural inclination is to reflect, evaluate and then redefine or repair those experiences in an effort to give them purpose.

I exited a 5 year long relationship not too long ago and it’s the trigger point for all of these feelings and a lot of this writing. I’m still adjusting my everyday pronoun to me/I instead of us/we and when I catch myself slipping up, I feel a fire start to burn in my center and I lose my appetite.

Beyond those major things, I love to write, to read, to challenge other ‘s thoughts (and my own.) I love animals, dogs in particular and spend (probably) too much time talking to Abby, my shy and obedient mutt.  I eat tortilla chips and salsa for dinner ALL the time. I believe laughter is beautiful, even when it’s poorly timed and inappropriate. I do not watch movies where the dog dies, ever. I want to love humanity, but I find it much more difficult than loving the four legged creatures I spend my days with. I love Jesus and believe that God is in everything. I treasure good conversation, good people and good coffee.


4 thoughts on “About

  1. I am loving your ability to express yourself! You are doing a magnificent job of adjusting to your new life! So proud to say you are my daughter! You are such a caring loving person who gives her all in everything you do! One proud mom here!

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