New Love in My Life

I fell in love several weeks ago.
I was afraid to tell anyone because it was so unexpected and he wasn’t my type.
But then I let him stay the weekend with Abby and me and I just couldn’t deny it anymore.
I talked about him all the time and I thought about him each and every day.
Here’s the picture that made my heart just melt.

I have been wanting another dog for over two years now and after finally splitting from the person keeping me from adopting again, I really started to seek out another dog. I wanted a companion for Abby and simply put, I felt the desire to offer a home to another dog who needed one.
I had some ideas about what kind of dog I wanted…
I wanted a black and white, a black, or a white dog. (I REALLY love Abby.)
I wanted a smart dog, like a border collie or aussie mix.
I wanted a dog with a medium energy level.
This is what I imagined that dog would look like.

This is what I ended up with.


I can’t really explain to you what happened. Maybe it was the weekly visits to his foster mom’s house for Abby’s socialization lessons. Or maybe it was just THOSE EYES. But slowly, as weeks passed by and I spent more and more time with him, I fell in love. And I HAD to have him. So I asked his foster mom and I asked my friend who runs the rescue and I asked EVERYONE at work.
A few weeks ago I brought Frodo home to live with me and Abby and every day I am amazed at what an incredible dog he is.
I am amazed because of his story. Just over four months ago, Frodo was living in north Nashville, chained outside of a home, in a little subdivision, with 37 other dogs.
Many of them were found with open wounds and it was obvious to the rescuers and the investigators that the dogs were used and trained for fighting.

I’m not sharing this to make you feel sorry for him – because he doesn’t feel sorry for himself.
I’m not telling you this so you praise me or his foster mom or the rescue for taking him in – we are the lucky ones.
I want you to know this, to see these pictures, so you can’t deny it happens. So often we find ourselves looking the other way when we see something immoral or wrong because we don’t want to get involved. We don’t want to make someone uncomfortable. Sometimes, we’re just scared.
But Frodo, and so many dogs just like him, are proof that is always the right decision to speak up. Make a ruckus. Be annoying. Take the time to CARE.
Apathy will destroy humanity, if we let it.

One of the craziest parts of Frodo’s story is that the discovery of him and all the other dogs was an accident. The DEA was serving a warrant for arrest to the owner of the house for heroine and cocaine trafficking and called in animal control when they noticed the dogs on the property.

There is a lot of money in drugs and in dog fighting and I have to tell myself that the people who paused long enough to care, were desperate and poor and those in charge paid them off because how can you ignore the suffering of an innocent animal?


Frodo is sweet. He is silly and playful and I’ve yet to see him greet anyone (human or dog) with anything less than absolute enthusiasm.
He is pure love.
I’ve sought out pictures of him from his former life because I can hardly believe he was a part of that story. I cried tonight when he jumped on the couch to kiss my face because the way dogs live in the moment is stunning.
Frodo is not simply his past – he is right now. He is another walk outside and a new friend. He is a different kind of treat in his marrow bone and a rediscovered squeaky toy.
He is a walking, breathing, wiggly reminder that you can overcome.
And maybe it’s because we’re still in our honeymoon phase, but I just can’t stop kissing that sweet head. He missed a lot of kisses and simple kindness his first year of life – I think he deserves all I have to give him.



The best weapon against apathy is knowledge. I know that there are so many social issues worth fighting for in regards to actual humans, but I believe that doing what we can to ensure the health and safety of an animal in our wealthy, first world country is worth your time.
I don’t care what route you take to get there, I just want you to care.
Care because drugs and dog fighting go hand in hand. Google “connection between drugs and dog fighting” and prepare to see countless news stories showing recent connections.
Care because it is a proven fact that people who abuse animals will abuse other people.
Care because God made them and it is our responsibility to give them the best life possible.
Care because they are living beings.
Just please, please, care.
Learn the laws in regards to animal abuse & tethering in your own state.
Learn how to recognize the signs of abuse and who to tell if you see it.
Partner with organizations that work to improve the lives of the animals and educate the owners, like this one in middle Tennessee.
Do what you can, when you can, and in ways that you are comfortable with and know that there are thousands of dogs just like Frodo waiting for someone to rescue them too.


Frodo, Abby and myself are settling into life together quite nicely and I know that from now on, it won’t just be another story on the news or something happening in a different state. From now on, every story about dog fighting or pit bulls will feel so much more real because of the sweet soul that sleeps in my bed.

I hope you find a way to feel that too – so that it matters to you.



7 thoughts on “New Love in My Life

  1. It’s lovely that you and Frodo found each other. I, too, have a couple rescue dogs (one is a pit mix), and I am thankful for them each and every day.

  2. So eloquent. Yet another reminder of why doing right by these dogs is so important to me. I have a foster from a similar circumstance and he’s just like Frodo – pure love – boundless enthusiasm – and a great kisser..

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