A Letter from the Past…

This post could go a lot of ways. I could focus on the fact that my youth group, while awesome in so many ways, was also a seemingly bottomless pit of drama, mild scandal and confusion. Our leaders were wise, well versed and kind, but either they thought it better to let us figure it out ourselves or they were really blind. Or maybe we were really good at hiding the dirt?

Or I could look at this as my soul character coming out for the first time. The first time the God that lives inside of me went, “Hey, say something. It isn’t right.”

I really haven’t shut up since.

Lately I rave about abandoned dogs, gender roles, and feminism, but next week I could be onto something new…

Unfortunately, this note wasn’t dated, but I wonder how close it was to the time another older friend told me that he admired how blunt I was and that he hoped I never stopped speaking my truth.

This advice has served me well in most cases, though it has caused a few awkward moments.

Part of me is proud to celebrate the young girl who wrote this over 10 years ago. She was brave and bold. The other part is so sad for her because she fought this battle on her own. Maybe it shows maturity that she wrote it in a private letter, asking him to consider a change in attitude, but I think it highlights a weakness in our youth that I didn’t seek the advice of a stronger leader, that I attempted to solve it on my own.

And maybe it highlights a weakness in myself. I have always struggled with asking for help.

I found this note digging through all of the letters and diaries and journals of my adolescence. I changed the names in it simply because those who know the story will know without the right names and those who don’t, won’t really care. While it is a part of my story, it is also someone else’s and I won’t tell another’s story without their blessing.

I have really just begun to dig through the box of notes and I know that I will find a plethora of other interesting pieces.

As a side note, I left the incorrect syntax and grammar. It is what it is…


Don’t hate me for telling you the truth you need to hear. First of all, don’t hate all women because of one. We don’t all strut around with our bad attitudes and beautiful blonde hair. I’m not just saying this because my brother is in on it too. I’m saying this because I’m tired of looking over your shoulder and seeing you sharing another “why women are bad” verse. I don’t want to come at the wrong way and make you hate me. I know about you and Myrtle. No one told me, I found out in other ways.

Please consider changing your attitude towards women, ladies, and girls. When they talk about women in the Bible, they’re talking about most women, not necessarily all. I know you highlight some of them for the heck of it but come on!! Think about it – if it weren’t for women, you wouldn’t be going to Heaven. Mary, a woman, gave birth to the son of God. Jesus Christ died for your sins and he was brought into this world by none other than a woman.

Please, please stop saying and highlighting rude and mean things about women. Women are the reason you’re on Earth.

I used to think you were the best Christian I know. Then I found about the women hating verses. I still think you’re a good Christian but I question my thoughts a lot.

From me to you,


PS I hope you didn’t let me down and show this to someone, especially my brother.


Wasn’t that fun? 😉


2 thoughts on “A Letter from the Past…

  1. You aren’t the only one who experienced this. I am so proud of the girl your were and the woman you are now. Hopefully, this provides some inspiration to other youth who might be influenced by sexism within churches. Everyone deserves to be celebrated equally in Christ.

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