A Week’s Worth of Other People’s Stories


I want to do this kind of round up weekly. Some of my favorite bloggers do similar things here and here. Their collective posts like these are always my favorite because they help me find new bloggers, new ideas, and challenge me to read outside the comfortable collection I’m amassing for myself. I hope they do the same for you!

To acknowledge an old friend and commend her for Speaking Up:

Anyway, my therapist assured me that while I do make a good point, she also has a gut feeling, and I bought that. I have gut feelings too — strong instincts, intuitions — but when OCD flares up it’s like having a broken intuition. Battling intuitions. Multiple intuitions screaming at you all at the same time and they all want to be right. I am never not exhausted.

– Sarah Certa in Obsessing About My New Obsession With This Blog…

To make you think:

Listen, I don’t believe in a puppet master God. Or a vindictive God. I don’t believe that God needs me to be weakened or harmed. I don’t believe that God is teaching me a lesson. But I do believe in God like a wild wind that blows through and picks up all the dust. I do believe that the loss and emptiness is blessed because it will be filled. And I believe this, too. That it is a better path to be filled with a sacred song than with a thousand illusions of comfort or security. We are wired for struggle. And the struggle can be sacred, too.

Esther Emery in In the Hollowing (When I am a Singing Bowl)

To make you laugh (and think!):

Every time I pass a man in a well-tailored suit, I try to keep my eyes averted to avoid the evil, lustful thoughts that will surely creep into my head. Sometimes I’m successful. Other times…I’m in an office building and I find my senses assaulted by a sea of men in strutting around in well-tailored suits, smelling of cologne and after-shave and…….[gazes out the window] Don’t these men have any self respect? Do they even understand how their clothing affects me? I wonder what is going through men’s heads when they decide to dress this way. All I know is that when a man wears a nice suit with pants that are juuuust tight enough, I will notice.

LP at The Salt Collective in When Suits Become A Stumbling Block

To make you remember:

My fifteen year old girls expressed that they are already afraid. They already know they have to be afraid. I don’t think very many of them had their parents teach them anything about misogyny. They just know that there is danger. That dudes are creepy sometimes. That people touch or look or say what they shouldn’t and this is the reality of living in a very good suburb of in America and being a girl.

– Abby Norman in #YesAllWomen So What Do I Tell My Girls?

To tell an important story:

Protesters took to social media with the hashtag #takedownthatpost encouraging others to share and write letters to the editors and even to advertisers. Bloggers blogged insightful articles on why the post should not have seen the light of day and the pressure grew.

– Heather Celoria at The Junia Project in A Cautionary Tale…

To challenge a preconceived idea (for some):

I am not gonna tell you what to do – that is the work of purity culture & legalism & I want no part of it. But I am gonna ask you – please, for your sake, for your partner’s sake, for your marriage’s sake & for the sake of the generation you will likely bear & raise – do not neglect your bodies. Not yours, and not your partner’s. You were created, fearfully and wonderfully, and you get the sobering, exhilarating task of being REAL together.

– Hannah Paasch in Physical Compatibility is a Thing

To help you feel ok in the silence:

I was drawing near to God. Why wasn’t he near to me? How had I moved? How did I get back?
These questions only highlighted my own inadequacy, my own failure, my own unworthiness. The girl who had defined herself, always, by God’s presence began to define herself then by his absence. By the fact that nothing I did seemed to bring me near enough to feel his breath, to hear his whisper.

– Addie Zierman at A Deeper Story in If You Feel Far Away From God, Guess Who Moved?

Share some of your favorite blog posts from the week in the comments!!! Seriously, I love THIS.


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